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“Fortune favors the bold!” It’s a popular phrase and one that was sewn into a medium banner that my wife gave to me before I left her for a year to take a new job in Oklahoma. I don’t know where the phrase originated from, a quick Google search will tell you that it originates from an African-Roman playwright named Terence. Regardless of where the phrase came from, it’s a statement that in our media industry, many have forgotten. I’ve traveled to Oklahoma for a Commercial Directing job in the hopes of finally getting a salary for what I love to do. And in some ways, that’s what happened, but working under the weight of a company that forgot about that phrase and instead chose to “follow” the fad and what’s safe, I found myself floating in the absence of true creativity and developing a product that other media production companies can follow instead. 

Me, as I was cleaning our house and came across that banner, a lightbulb went off in my head. And so I was reminded that it was time to launch out into the unknown. 

Prax Media takes our clients to places that no one has gone before through the magic of storytelling. Because after all, we creatives are storytellers first and foremost. And I want to tell your story. I want to bring it to life with the boldness it deserves. After all, only the brave are remembered in history. Ask Terence. 

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